Our Lady 

Mercy my children is the greatest attribute of God and Jesus, dying on the cross for you, is mercy personified.

My children, if you want to be like Jesus then you must be merciful and full of compassion and love for everyone, even those you perceive to be the greatest sinners.

Consider Judas, Jesus loved Judas to the very end and gave him every opportunity to change and to repent of his selfish ways and when he dies by suicide, I cried motherly tears for him as he was one of my adapted children by being an apostle.

Heaven my child experiences no joy in the failures of others and when souls freely reject God, heaven feels the pain and sadness of this loss.

Many of you my children are severely lacking in mercy and you so easily fall into accusation and judgement.

How will you bring any new souls to Jesus if you constantly judge them and pick out their many faults.

Jesus calls you to loving souls who are far away from His love and to leaving all judgement to him.

Your job is to be the light in a dark world and not to force other people to follow the light.

This especially applies to my LGBT children who often carry unimaginable wounds that most of you know nothing about.

Love my children, be merciful like Jesus and repent of all hardness of heart.’