Our Lady 

My child,

How Jesus longs for company and how so very few souls console him.

Think about when a loved one dies and when afterwards you regret not having spent more time with them.

With Jesus it is similar except that when you die you will regret not having spent more time with him while you were alive!!

I know that it is hard for you to imagine what life after your earthly death is like and this is part of the reason that you do not prepare enough for it.

For some people, life after death is a mere continuation of life on earth with no need to make any great preparations.

For others, there is no life after death and so once again there is no need to prepare.

And for those graced by God to know and understand, life after death is eternal and a soul must be prepared much in advance for meeting its maker.

My children, read the lives of the saints and learn from their example of prayer for all the knowledge of heaven will be of no use to you after you pass from your current life to the next.