My children, each and every one of you are sinners and those of you who sin less do so purely from grace and not from anything of your own.

It is not a personal sin or fault of anyone of you to be sinners. You were born sinners just as you were born with a mouth and nose.

If I was a cruel God then I would destroy all of you because all of you sin even those of you very close to me.

Yet my children, I look at your hearts and I look also to all the good and holy things that you do in spite of your weaknesses and ongoing sinfulness.

My children, sin isn’t overcome in a day and if you read the lives of the saints you’ll see that it’s not overcome even in a lifetime!!

Yet this should not discourage you because I am not expecting you to be perfect.

Why then my children are some of you so very hard on sinners who haven’t met me yet or on those that have met me but are struggling under the weight of their cross?

If your cross seems lighter or if you have been blessed to have known me and loved me for longer then you must reach out in love to your neighbour and brother who may be struggling.

You must never judge my children or put burdens or judgements on people that are impossible to lift.

My children, you must love just like a physiotherapist must love and work very patiently with a patient who has been in an accident and is regaining mobility.

This is especially true for those in the LGBT community. What chance of holiness do they have when you reject them from the church and destroy their characters as they stumbled forwards, at times making big but baby steps by even entering a church after years of hurt and pain.

Open your hearts and minds to my love and mercy for the poorest of the poor and for those mostly in need of my love and care.