Our Lady 

My children,

God has given me to you as a mother to bring you to holiness.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a priest or a scientist I can help you because I have been given special motherly insight into each and every one of your lives.

You must not see me as you see your earthly mothers because by doing so you would only see a very small fraction of who I am and of how much I love you and for those of you who had very difficult mothers, you may not see anything at all.

Look to me my children with eyes of faith and belief and in me you will find a warm, loving, helpful and understanding mother!

Come to me with all your problems and I will help you for by my side are countless angels whom I can send to help you with all your earthly tasks not to mention your friends, the saints who help you in extraordinary ways.

It is not pride on my behalf to speak to you as such for this motherly mission has been given to me by God and in humility and honesty must I fulfill it!

My children, let no soul be afraid of coming to me even if they haven’t been to church for 50 years and have committed every sin imaginable. A mother never forgets her children and I never forget a single one of you.