Our Lady 

Write !

Today my children all over the world will be broadcasted the funeral service of the late Queen of England.

Life and death are common to every family or person and just as all the royal wealth now gets passed to the Queen’s family, so too one day will everything you own be passed onto somebody else.

As I have mentioned many times before, the only wealth that does go with you into the next life is grace!

Grace is the supernatural love and life of God that you can accumulate doing your lives through prayer and through obedience to the direction of this grace!

Grace is living and so grace will push and inspire you to actions! Grace loves, grace reaches out, grace reconciles, grace prays…

My children, you cannot have grace in your hearts and lives if you do not let go of your old ways or if you resist the inspirations from grace!

Grace posess you! You do not poses grace like you would possess a diamond and so at any time grace can freely leave you!

My children, how I urge you to pray and to follow grace. As the most popular song goes ‘ “It is grace that has brought me here thus far, and grace will lead me home”.