Our Lady 

My children, as many of you observe the funeral of the former Queen of England you harden your hearts and refuse to pray as you consider the wealth and privilege of these people.

This attitude disappoints greatly my motherly heart who loves all of her children despite what outward riches or privileges they may display.

Just as some people are born into very poor families, others are born into very rich families and many of these rich people are very poor in love and have not experienced much love in their lives.

My children, I call you to pray without judging because my son’s mercy is always attracted to sinners regardless of who or what they are.

When you behave like this, you behave like the brother in the parable of the prodigal son who was envious of his father’s blessings and mercy on the son who squandered his fortune.

Pray my children without judging for your world leaders, for your Kings and Queens, presidents and politicians while humbly giving thanks to God for the gift of your own faith and the promise of eternal life in heaven with God.