My children,

Today my message may frighten some of you but as a mother I must be truthful.

Grace my children can be lost at any time just in the same was as a millionaire could lose his fortune and become poor through making some bad decisions.

It is the same with holiness, holiness is something living and in order for it to stay alive you must keep following the inspirations of grace.

When souls stop praying and stop following the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, little by little the become duller and duller until there is no light left in them at all.

Just like a former sports person who after retirement gave way to drinking and eating after a few years they would be unrecognisable.

Of course the opposite is also true, souls who have not followed Jesus during their lifetimes for whatever reasons can experience a conversion and then change and become brighter and brighter!

This is why my children that you must pray every day and take up your crosses because you have a great enemy who desires the graces that you have accumulated to be lost and for you to fall back into the evils of sin.