Our Lady 

(With tears)

How so very little do souls prepare for receiving my son Jesus in mass.

When souls are unprepared it is like turning up at an important business meeting in one’s pyjamas after getting out of bed!

Holy communion my children is a very important and significant event and something not to be taken lightly.

One needs to prepare one’s heart and soul before receiving Jesus while being simultaneously aware of his love and mercy and the weakness and unworthiness of one’s own soul.

No soul my child is worthy of receiving Jesus by its own merits.

Even if I was sitting here among you, I would not be any more worthy than any of you to receive the body of Jesus, of God, into my soul!

Everything we receive from God is pure gift and is from his goodness.

Every virtue and merit a soul has comes from God’s favour and mercy on that soul.

Even the gift of life itself and being sustained in existence is a pure gift from God.

O my children, if you only understood the goodness of God and of his love and desire to transform your hearts, you would thirst for prayer, you would prepare your souls meticulously for every communion and you would strive to cooperate with every grace coming from God to transform you into his instruments of love.

My children, so many of you simply do not listen to my motherly messages. What will become of you?