My children, when you love somebody you find yourself thinking about them over the day at many different times. You find yourself checking your phone or your messages and longing to hear from that person, you yearn to meet them again and to be in their company.

My children, this is how I love you!

I think about you, I know you, I love you and I long for your love and your company.

There is not one single soul on your planet that I do not know and love!

When you think about me during the day I smile! When you tell me that you love me in the middle of a busy day my heart is filled with joy!

When you talk to me and share your heart with me I am filled with love and happiness.

My children, if you knew how much I love you, you would explode in tears of joy.

My little ones, allow me to love you, allow your hearts to be seduced by my supernatural love like you would with a potential spouse.

Allow me to be your first love and the greatest love in your life and together we will transform the hearts and lives of others with love!