Our Lady 


‘My children, as you follow Jesus and carry your crosses you will have few followers!

Look to the life of Jesus when he was surrounded by people seeking healing and yet utterly abandoned when he died on the cross, an event infinitely more significant.

It will be similar for you my children, people will support you and love you when you are joyful and when you help them but just like with Jesus, they will abandoned you and leave you alone when you challenge them with the cross.

My children, there is no road to heaven without the cross, without suffering, without difficult decisions and without a conversion of both heart and lifestyle.

Jesus has given me to you all to love you, to support you and to help you on this journey and yet so very many do not want to listen, do not want to pray, do not want to change.

My children, read the lives of the saints, I tell you this again and again. Learn from their example and implore their intercession.