My children,

I am God, I am a God of love and I made you to know and love me and to love each other.

Consider for a moment a large plate of food and the temptation to eat far too much and to sin on the area of gluttony!

What is the solution?

Is it never to eat again and to starve to death or is it to learn to eat moderately, trusting in my mercy and forgiveness for the times you fail?!

Similarly with each other!

Is the solution never to talk or get close to another human being in case you should commit a sin or is the solution to learn over time to love others through trial and error?

The answer is obvious and yet many of you are laying impossible burdens on your young people, especially those who identify as LGBT.

All souls are made to love and it is in loving that they will find their joy and fulfilment.

To shame love is a very serious sin against the Holy Spirit who inspires love in your hearts for one another.

Now this Iove of course needs to be purified and I, Jesus desire to be your first love but this does not mean that you shouldn’t love others!

Imagine a mother who decided not to love her child in case the child died and she was hurt!

This is not love but fear because love will always love no matter the consequences.

My children, many of you are so sick and so miserable because while you love me, you do not love each other!

Must I remind you that you are human beings and not angels and that just as you need food for your bodies, you need friends and love for your psychological and emotional well being.