My children,

I thirst from the bottom of my infinite heart for you to know me and for you to know how to draw grace from the infinite treasure of my love.

Just like a newborn animal must learn to suckle from its mother’s breast must you my children learn to feed off my divine love.

Without my love and grace my children, you will be able to do nothing. All your good works will be good from a human and worldly view and not inspired and anointed by me.

O my children, if only so many of you could see how spiritually weak and even dead you are, you would turn from your futile way of living and seek me with all your hearts.

I call each one of you to be Holy; to know me, to love me, to listen to me, to follow me and to make me known to others by both words and example.

My children, you must look to  the lives of the saints and learn from their example and thus become my docile instruments of love.’