Our Lady 

My children,

How so very sad it makes my heart to see Sunday used more and more as a day of worldly pursuits and pleasures rather than as a day of prayer, thanksgiving and rest. 

God does not expect you to stay at home all day Sunday except for going to church as some might believe but he does not expect to be forgotten either and left out like an old person in a retirement home.

Your entire culture is now so terribly busy that many of you find no time to do basic things such as shopping except on a Sunday. 

Between pressures from work and other activities, your lives are swamped with activities from organisations that do not put God in first place or promote prayer in any way.

Obedience to the system will not get you to heaven which is why I call my children to a radically different way of life to that of those in the world.

Many of you cry to me for help and yet you are unwilling to change.

You desire God but you also desire a very high standard of living that can only be sustained through high paid jobs where God has no place.

You desire expensive clothes, expensive houses, the best education for your children and then after all that you desire God!

This my children is not how God works!

Look at my life my children and how from beginning to end it was outside of my control and in the hands of God!

Look at the sacrifices that the saints made in order to follow God, some even giving their lives as martyrs.

Doing everything with ‘love’ is not the answer either! Killing your young and old people with ‘love’ is still killing! Deceiving and misleading people with ‘love’ is still lying and trickery and submitting to a materialistic and godless society with ‘love’ is still idolatry.

My children, if you are not prepared to make sacrifices for your faith then you cannot say that you are pleasing to God.

There is no easy road my children to be a Christian and God has given me to you as a mother to help you on the difficult and authentic road of prayer and sacrifice.

I implore you my children to repent and to change your entire lives.

Seek holiness, seek simplicity and shed your hearts and lives of all excess in worldly riches and entertainment.

Remember my children that the best education that you can give your children and others is holiness.